PROLINK PRO701SFC Line Interactive UPS (650VA) (1YW)

PROLINK PRO701SFC Line Interactive UPS (650VA) (1YW)

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One Year Warranty

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Availability: 5 in stock

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Product Description

Prolink Pro 701 UPS

One Year Warranty

PROLiNK® Enerhome Line Interactive UPS 650VA is designed with a wide input voltage range for it and available for 650VA with the newest technology and design. It is also compatible with small generators.
PRO701 – Enerhome Line Interactive UPS 650VA with AVR *Only for Selected Countries
Back up Time 8 minute to 20 minutes (Depend on your load)

Key Features & Benefits

  • Boost and Buck TRUE AVR for Voltage Stabilization
    – automatically regulating and smoothing the power supply from voltage fluctuations (140-300V) to better protect your equipment with a constant voltage.
  • Fast Battery Charging
    – gain 90% capacity after 4-6hours of recharging
  • Auto Restart while AC is Recovering
    – alleviate sudden and temporary power outages and restart automatically while AC power supply is recovering
  • Cold Start Function (DC power on) and Off-mode Charging
  • Wide Input Voltage range and compatible with small generators
  • 01 Year Warranty

****Do not Use this UPS with a Internet Router, Oxygen Motor or any 12V, 9V, 5V Power Adapter support  Units.*********

****Use this UPS Only With Computer.****

*For Warranty Claim UPS Backup Time Need to Below 8 Minutes Only.
*Before Use Please Charge UPS 8 Hours.
*Don’t use UPS Backup time Until Automatic Shutdown. (When you hear a Continues Beep Sound, please off your UPS)
*Do Not Open UPS with in Warranty Period. (No Warranty if you Open a UPS)
*We Are Not Recommend to Use a UPS for Small Amount Power Units.
(ex-Internet Routers, Oxygen Motor…….)

PROLiNK Line Interactive UPS 650VA
(One Year Warranty)


Capacity 650VA
Dimension (mm) 286 x 96 x 138 (D x W x H)
Weight (kg) 4.3


Voltage Range 162 ~ 290VAC (Single boost)140 ~ 300VAC (Double boost)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz (Auto-sensing)
Phase Single + GND


Voltage Range 220-240VAC
Battery Mode 220-240VAC
Frequency 50Hz ±1% (Battery mode)
Waveform Simulated sine wave (Battery mode)Sine wave (AC mode)
Transfer Time 2ms typical


Type 12V/8.2AH x 1
Backup Time 8 – 20 mins depending on load
Recharge Time 2-4 hours recover to 90% capacity


Display LED/LCD Optional
Alarm Batt. Mode, low battery, overload, fault, etc.


Short Circuit Protection Yes (Line mode & battery mode)
Surge Protection Yes
Alarm Audible & Visual
Overload Protection Line mode : 100 – 120% 1 min change to fault mode
>120% change to fault mode immediatelyBattery mode : 100 – 120% 1 min change to fault mode
>120% change to fault mode immediately
Intelligent Battery Prevent overcharging of battery
Management Protect battery and prolong battery life

Real Panel

1. AC Mode IndicatorGreen LED Lighting

2. Battery Mode Indicator

Battery Normal : Yellow LED Lighting and Blinking every 30s
Battery Low : Yellow LED Lighting and Blinking every 2s

3. Overload and Fault Indicator

Overload : Red LED Blinking every 2s
Fault : Red LED Lighting

4. Power Switch

5. Power AC Input

6. Backup Outlets

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