Prolink Pro901WS 1KVA Online UPS (1YW)

Prolink Pro901WS 1KVA Online UPS (1YW)

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  • 1000 VA/800W Capacity Online UPS
  • One Year Warranty

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One Year Warranty


UPS Type Tower
Phase Single phase with ground
Rating (VA) 1000
Nominal Power (W) 800
Standard ModelDimension (mm) 282 x 145 x 220 (D x W x H)
Weight (kg) 9.8
Long-run ModelDimension (mm) 282 x 145 x 220 (D x W x H)
Weight (kg) 4.1


Connection Type IEC 320-C14
Nominal Voltage 200/208/220/230/240 VAC
Voltage Range 110-300 VAC (Load at 50%)160-280 VAC (Load at 100%)
Frequency Range 45 ~ 70 Hz
Power Factor >= 0.99


Connection Type 3 x Universal socket (PRO901WS)2 x Universal socket (PRO901WL)
Nominal Voltage 200/208/220/230/240 VAC
Voltage Regulation ±1%
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range) 47 ~ 53 Hz or 57 ~ 63 Hz
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode) 50 Hz ± 0.25 Hz or 60 Hz ± 0.3 Hz
Current Crest Ratio 3:1
Harmonic Distortion ≤3% THD (Linear load)≤6% THD (Non-linear load)


Battery Mode Sounding every 4 seconds
Low Battery Sounding every second
Overload Sounding twice every second
Fault Continuously sounding
LCD Load level, Battery Level, AC mode, Battery mode, Bypass mode and Fault


Front panel Status LED, Function keys, LCD display
Communication Smart RS232*USB Port


Standard ModelType 12V / 9Ah
Numbers 2
Typical Recharge Time  4 hours recover to 90% capacity
Long-run ModelType Depending on the capacity of external batteries
Number 2 or 3
Charging Current (max) 1A / 2A / 4A / 6A Adjustable


1. AC Input2. Input circuit breaker

3. USB Communication port

4. RS-232 communication port

5.  Intelligent slot

6. External battery connection (Only available for L model)

7. Output receptacles


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